May Love With Food Review

May Love With Food ReviewI go through stages where I am a huge fan of snack and others where I am just fine without them, or too busy to think to eat more than three times a day (: Receiving these monthly snack boxes in the mail have been awesome! I tend to forget to pick up snack food at the store and these are great to try out new options. Most of the snacks are organic and/or gmo-free as well which is important to me. They are generally healthier options and a lot of the companies they support have good policies. Love With Food also donates a meal for every box or item purchased. Continue reading

Influenster Blossom Voxbox

influenster blossom voxbox reviewInfluenster recently sent me the Blossom voxbox. They curate these voxboxes throughout the year and send them out to some of their members free of charge to try new products and brands. You get to test them out and share your favorites if you choose. Influenster is a site where you can review products and get recommendations when you are in the market for something new. It is easy to ask questions and get answers from people about products you may be interested in. Continue reading

Easy Peppermint Sweet Orange Foot Soak

DIY Sweet Orange Peppermint Foot SoakGoodmorning,  friends! I have been appreciating this warmer weather and being able to comfortably wear my spring and summer dresses without having to bundle up with tights and cardigans. The only problem is my warm weather footwear clashing with the sad state of my tootsies! You see, all fall and winter I hide my feet away in warm socks, boots, flats, and pumps. The only problem with that is I give them absolutely no attention. Out of sight, out of mind. I may polish my nails once or twice if I get a cute polish in my stocking (thanks hubby!) but that is about as far as it goes. Being a DIYer at heart I don’t usually indulge in routine pedicures at a salon. I decided I needed to give my feet some love. A foot soak is the first step to any good pedicure and this one feels amazing! Continue reading

April Darby Smart Review

April Darby Smart Review Hello Friends! I am sorry for the long wait on this review! I was so excited to get my box and the project only took a few minutes to put together but with life and an illness getting in the way it seemed to take me ages to work up the blog post and get it out to you.

This was my second Darby Smart “to DIY for” box and I adore them! Though personally I enjoyed my first one a little more. Continue reading

DIY Coffee Filter Wreath

DIY Coffee Filter WreathI adore wreaths! They make me smile. Wreaths for every occasion! I would honestly be happy with having a wreath in every room, well maybe. I have also been wanting to dye some coffee filters and make little flowers with them. Making a fun, bright, fluffy wreath out of dyed coffee filters sounded like the perfect craft. Continue reading

Write a Special Thanks

how to make an easy thank you cardIn my opinion there are few things more special then receiving a handwritten card. Extra kudos if it is adorable! There is just something about the correspondent taking the time to write out their words. I feel like more thought is put into it and there is more of a connection then shooting text or email. It also isn’t an after thought. Another plus when you get something other then bills in your mailbox! Continue reading

April Love with Foods Unboxing (and review!)

Love With Foods Unboxing and ReviewLove With Foods is a monthly subscription box of mostly organic snack foods. Many are gmo-free and/or gluten-free. They are generally healthier options and a lot of the companies they support have good policies. Love With Food also donates a meal for every box or item purchased. Their count as of this morning (on their website) is 400,757 meals donated.
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Baked Sourdough Pancakes

Sourdough Baked PancakesI enjoy making pancakes for breakfast. My hubby really loves them and I feel like it’s a little more special then making scrambled eggs or yogurt and granola. Lately I have been making sourdough pancakes once or twice a week. I have some sourdough starter I keep and feed so I am always looking for recipes where I can use it.

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Ulta Haul and First Impressions

ulta haul and first impressionsI was fortunate to be able to order a few things during the last few days of the 21 days of beauty. There is not an Ulta Beauty anywhere near me so shopping online is a must. I really appreciated that if you were buying one of the daily sale items during those 21 days then they give you free shipping. I ended up making 3 separate orders and everything I purchased was on a very good sale. I’m so excited to be able to try some of the products I’ve had my eye on for half the price. If you missed it this year, it’s worth keeping an eye out for next year. You get great deals! They always have it in the Spring.

Anyways, these are the products I ordered and my first impressions of them!
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Easy Delicious Naan!

Homemade Easy Delicious NaanIt has been a long week here at my tiny little home! I caught a pretty icky cold and lost my voice for a few days. I am feel mostly better now but it is still holding on a little, wont quite let go all the way! I picture this little green gremlin clinging to my back, it is crazy how tired it can make you when your body is trying to get well. My hubby also started a new job which is so amazing for us. It does mean that we have been adjusting our schedules accordingly. These past 3 months I’ve been used to getting up at a certain time (ie not before the sun comes up) so even getting out of bed 1 to 2 hours earlier have made my days feel incredibly long. Though to tell you the truth I have been much more motivated this week and I hope I can keep up the good attitude!

I made this delicious Naan bread and couldn’t wait to share the recipe with you. It is so easy. And delicious. Continue reading